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In order to ascertain the needs of the de Soysa Maternity Hospital, the committee met the main administrators of the Hospital to find out what was required.
The first request was for bed jackets, so funds collected through donations were used to sew 300 bed jackets costing a total of Rs. 173,500, which were distributed to the mothers to take home with them.  The bed jackets were sewn by an organisation that helps disadvantaged women to make a living.


A Doppler scanner worth Rs. 130,000 was also donated by the Association to the Hospital. The scanner is used to detect abnormalities in foetuses when women come to the Hospital.

Under the Student Assistance Programme two deserving students, one each from Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales, have been identified according to their financial situation and their O/L exam results. Each student will be sponsored to the tune of Rs. 5,000 per month, so it will be a total of Rs. 120,000 a year for both students. They can use the money to buy extra books, school clothes, shoes and other material as well as tuition fees.

In June 2020, the committee handed over several utensils, appliances, furniture, a sewing machine and other items to Daya Niwasa Home for the Disabled Kandy (established by Mother Teresa), as per the requirements of the Swiss charity organisation that funded the project.


On 3rd March 2020 two deserving A-Level students of Princess of Wales' college were awarded Financial Aid Grants


Handing over bed jackets to the De Soysa Maternity Hospital in June & August 2018

In June & August 2019 the committee donated two ultrasound scanners to the De Soysa Maternity Hospital

June 2018.jpg
Handing over of 100 bed jackets to the d

The handing over of weighing scales to the De Soysa Maternity Hospital in November 2018

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